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Guildline Instruments 6640Q Quantum Hall Resistance DCC Bridge has been designed to provide better uncertainties and more operational capability in Direct Current Comparator (DCC) Resistance Bridges used with Quantum Hall Resistance Systems (i.e. QHRs).

The 6622A Series provides the best in measurement uncertainties for Direct Current Comparator (DCC) Resistance Bridges. Unique innovations in 6622A design and modularity means users no longer have to decide what Bridge satisfies current requirements as well as future requirements. Optional modules allow for normal, high ohms, and low ohms measurements without having to purchase multiple bridges as per competitive products.

Guildline Instruments 6623A Series of High Current Range Extenders introduces new patented designs and the best in modularity of any Range Extender ever produced. The 6623A Series consists of a family of range extenders, with available current outputs from 3 ampere to 10,000 ampere.

The 66252 DMM Switch is a unique option for 6625A Resistance Measurement Systems. This very high isolation switch allows the 6625A System Resistance Standards to be used for both Measurement and Source Applications without having to disconnect and reconnect wires.