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For more than 30 years, Guildline Instruments has set the standard for precision salinity measurement with the 8400 Autosal Laboratory Salinometer. More recently, the Portasal Portable salinometer has delivered laboratory precision to on-board measurement applications. The Portasal uses the same measurement technique as the Autosal, for extremely fast and accurate measurements, all delivered in a small portable package.

IAPSO Standard Seawater is available, for calibration of salinity measurement devices. The IAPSO Standard Seawater is supplied by Ocean Scientific International Limited (OSIL) of UK. To order standard seawater, please call Guildline at 1-613-283-3000 ext. 104 or email

To learn more about these outstanding Oceanographic products, simply click on the links below to view the product datasheets.

8400B Autosal Lab Salinometer
8410A Portasal Portable Salinometer

Temperature Measurement and Control Products
NEW! 6640T DCC Primary Thermometry Bridge
NEW! 5600 Series High Precision Variable Temperature Fluid Baths
6622T series of Thermometry Bridges
5032/5031 Air Bath
9334A High Stability Standards

IAPSO Standard Seawater
IAPSO Standard Seawater